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Re: Idea for New Series

The old way of the Berman era is dead. However, the Prime universe isn't dead necessarily, if the shows are formatted differently. For one thing, the alternate reality still gives hints and glimpses into the pre-Nero incursion-Prime universe thus keeping it alive.

Trek series, however, will no longer be seven seasons long and will no longer be able to wait until the third or fourth season to start putting out good episodes consistently. Times have changed. A first season doesn't have to be perfect, but if there are more than two or three clunkers then the series is likely to be cancelled.

Along with this, the lessons from Caprica have to be heeded. Caprica was a decent show with a lot of potential, but was so slow and boring developing that it was cancelled. A new Trek series cannot take its own good time developing.

Also, execution is key. You can have great concepts and ideas, but if you don't execute them properly, they'll make the series suck. The end of the Berman era is a prime example. Despite what the Berman and Braga bashers may say, concepts like the Temporal Cold War, using a holodeck to crossover with the crew of the Enterprise NX-01, and the Nexus could have worked brilliantly.

Another lesson from the Berman era is not to be too self-referencial. Homages and even rehashes are okay if done right and kept to a minimum. Canon and continuity are ultimately two-edged swords. They can provide great depth and great narrative posibilities, but at the same time can tie your hands. However, if you can handle walking that tight rope, great things will happen.

My concept for a new series is science fiction drama centered around the early Warp 5 program with Henry Archer and Zephram Cochrane as major characters, though not necessarily main characters, in the series. A young Jonathan Archer would also have a recurring role. However, the series would not be completely Earth-bound. Some of the characters would travel into space at times for various program-related reasons. Also, the United Earth Space Probe Agency and the Vulcans would be prominent.

Now, I realise my idea definitely needs to be refined and is risky. However, I believe with proper development the series could be very sucessful.

I also would love a 25th century series and an alternate reality series would be cool.
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