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Re: Was 'Ten Forward' always on the ship?

...And essentially we're left to mix and match the "onscreen" and "backstage" elements as we please. We know from "All Good Things.." that there was a place called Ten-Forward on the ship at the time of "Encounter at Farpoint" already - but we can also accept that the windows we see from the second season onwards were not there yet, and we can choose to believe that the Ten-Forward of late 2363 and early 2364 was a different facility with different windows.

Perhaps the bow took some damage in an unseen adventure, and the repair work allowed Picard (or Guinan or whomever) to have the Ten-Forward windows redone without extra cost? Perhaps Starfleet introduced new and better sensors on the saucer rim, and the windows were redone for that reason? All sorts of explanations can be whipped up and the visual evidence interpreted to our personal liking.

What is a bit difficult to retroactively throw into the mix would be Guinan being aboard during the first season. She eagerly engages our heroes in conversation in the early episodes of season two; her failure to have done so before would need some pretty imaginative explanation unless we accept she wasn't aboard at all back then.

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