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Fascinating where inspiration can come from. Weren't the forward grills on the TMP refit's nacelles inspired by the front end of a 1940's era Ford? I'm sure I read that somewhere.

Yesterday I was wandering by the furniture department of a Sears store and came across a chair that made me instantly think of Kirk's command chair in TMP. The child in me instantly wanted that chair although I did resist the impulse for such a needless purchase. It was a pretty comfortable chair, though.

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No, according to Gary Kerr's extensive research the dorsal on the two pilots was indeed blue.
Thaty may explain the excessive shine of light reflected off the neck in those shots. It always screamed out "MODEL" whenever I saw it.
The issue in recreating any of these ships as models is how to paint them. If you paint them as the studio models actually were then the colours can come across as too intense or garish. The alternative is to paint the model to recreate how it looked onscreen, which for me is generally the preferred way.

The blue on the dorsal was likely more apparent on the model under normal lighting than how subtly it appeared onscreen. Another example is the green colour on the TMP refit's secondary hull. It's hardly visible onscreen, but quite apparent on the actual filming miniature.
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