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Re: Episode of the week: Where Silence Has Lease

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This episode is burned in my mind for the "One Riker, one bridge" scene. I think they were still working on Worf's characteristics here.

That episodic promo sure looked exciting, I'd love to see that episode one day!

Still a very spooky feeling episode even if the conclusion is a bit contrived; I used lab mice to complete my Physiology degree and if one of them had threatened to blow themselves up rather than continue with the experiments, I would have been more inclined to carry on studying rather than release it. This episode has a nice "old-trek" vibe to it, ie, exploring the unknown. I had not realised this was a bottle-episode before this rewatch - definitely one of the better ones.

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I agree with you about the episode having a creepy or spooky vibe to it, and also that it has a very "TOS" feel to it. An interesting riff on the "subject of advanced alien experiments" that was a pretty common Trek plot idea.
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