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While I was drawing this, I realized that the Susan I liked was the Susan from "An Unearthly Child", a girl full of spunk and energy, with an air of alien bizareness about her, which is why I tried to draw the 2013 equivalent of that. In later stories, the character evolved and quickly became a generic "damsel in distress", which I didn't find quite as interesting.
If you have not seen it, I think you would really enjoy the "unaired pilot" cut of "An Unearthly Child" (which is available as part of the "In the Beginning" DVD box set. Ford plays Susan as even more "alien" and with a bit of a "stately" air. As she talks about her grandfather and herself (once Barbara and Ian have barged into the TARDIS), she hints that she is royalty and then sits upon that ornate wooden chair like she were a queen.

Alas, as was discussed in a round-robin discussion about the first serial (that I saw on YouTube just this weekend), Ford laments that Sydney Newman approached her and kindly requested she "take it down a notch". Apparently, Newman wanted Susan to be the character with whom children and young teens could relate, so she devolved into someone of a "scream queen" (er, princess).

Continuing that stream of thought, Ford lamented that her character didn't have the chance to "grow" as she would have enjoyed Susan "falling" for Ian. What?! I never heard that one, but it came straight from Ford's mouth!


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