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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

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So, yeah, my neighborhood in Baltimore was a madhouse last night.
I went to a conference in Baltimore a few years ago. We went to the National Aquarium as one of the group activities after dinner. The group wasn't all that social to deal with, and I had been there before, so I said screw this and took a walk around the city.

It was nice, the Inner Harbor, some sports/concert venue, keep walking a couple of blocks more and suddenly I'm deep in the 'hood.

Glad I was not in that section of town last night.

Now that the offseason is on - I'll start taking bets on what Pollard does to someone on the Pats next year.

I'm putting the O/U on injuries at 1.5, and the odds on where the injury occurs in lower body to upper body 5:3.
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