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Re: Doctor Who Fanart

Redfern wrote: View Post
Susan with what appears to be a sonic screwdriver. That should negate a certain percentage of her "perils". And, if we can assume her boots are "sturdy", that should prevent many a twisted ankle. Looks like this Susan won't be a constant "damsel in distress".
Thank you for the kind words.

While I was drawing this, I realized that the Susan I liked was the Susan from "An Unearthly Child", a girl full of spunk and energy, with an air of alien bizareness about her, which is why I tried to draw the 2013 equivalent of that. In later stories, the character evolved and quickly became a generic "damsel in distress", which I didn't find quite as interesting.

Konata Izumi wrote: View Post
Written art!

My 500-word spiritual Lucky Star -crossover, in three parts
Prepare for a story of a different plane of existence!
Indeed! It's certainly different, and daring, and many other things. I can't quite connect to it, however, it's much too elliptic for my taste.
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