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Re: We haven't had a conversation about tipping in awhile

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Sure sounds like you took some pleasure there.
When in doubt, ask.

As expanded on in my second post, what I'm glad about is that somebody that dumb won't be anybody I'll ever hand my credit card to. Completely self-centered gladness, I assure you. Why? Because when my card info was stolen a couple of years ago, it was due to a server who was stupid enough to believe somebody she thought was her boyfriend that he needed some data in order to work on a school project.

Any questions?
Questions? Sure. Do you think you could have said what you were glad about the first time? Because "I'm glad they fired the stupid server" is a ridiculously arrogant statement, especially when you complain about "the uninvolved". I say that as someone who had MY card info stolen too. The server in the Applebees incident didn't steal anything.
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