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Re: Doctor Who Fanart

Susan with what appears to be a sonic screwdriver. That should negate a certain percentage of her "perils". And, if we can assume her boots are "sturdy", that should prevent many a twisted ankle. Looks like this Susan won't be a constant "damsel in distress".

I know you're going for a "contemporary" look, hence Susan's "modern" wardrobe, which IS neat, BTW. I'm just reminded of a two panel cartoon illustrated in the Doctor Who Magazine years ago. "Retelling" the opening evenys of "An Unearthly Child", Barbara and Ian ponder Susan's strangeness. One asks if it's her unusual knowledge of historial events. The other replies, "No, it's the fact we're in 1963 and she's wearing a Walkman and fashion from the 1980s!" (I thinks it's the unkempt hair that reminded me of that strip.)


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