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Re: Ronald D. Moore make new star trek tv show

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I thought the point of the Japanese robots wasn't to be spooky, but rather to show that man has avoided it's predecessors mistakes. The first Cylons were soldiers...."we" make toys.

I don't understand your polythiestic comment. The ancient BSG humans were polythiestic. The newer civilization (the Cylons) were monothiestic.

Weren't some humans in nuBSG monothestic?

And you could just as easily say that the coda at the end of nuBSG, was raising the question that we could be on the same course as before That the cycle could repeat itself.
I don't *recall* seeing any monothiestic humans (which doesn't mean there wern't any, i may just not be remembering them) They seemed to either worship The Lords of Kobol..or be your standard "Stay in bed Christians"
IIRC, Baltar's followers were all monotheistic, even going so far as using the infinity symbol at one point (painted on the wall in his "church"?) that was a clear reference to the one-God cult on Caprica. He had acquired quite a large group towards the end. Some of that influence would likely have filtered down through the ages.
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