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great minds but that spoils the look of the antique furniture. My solution: let your S.O. tidy up the laundry (or at least open the drawer for you)
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Did you say something to the janitor? What excuse did he give you?
I did say something. (man, how I did! They propably heard me all the way up to Finland). All he said was "it's ok". No, it is NOT! I repotted both and it looks like at least the Dracaena will survive. The 35 year old Schefflera looks dead, though

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And of course Rammstein fans.
There are rather few in Germany, I believe. This particular band is frowned upon because some of their texts are considered very right-wing. Even if it were my music (which it definitely isn't) I'd avoid them for their texts.

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Why do furniture drawers require 2 hands to open?!?!
If you rub the sides of the drawers with (dry) soap, they'll slide much easier and maybe one hand will suffice. Otherwise, see top of post
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