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Re: (SPOILERS!) About the SuperBowl Trailer...

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Will we be getting a new Enterprise?
I hope so. I never cared for the bridge at all. I think they should make it more retro looking like TOS bridge without making it look like it was built in the 60's. Still have the red railing, real display panels, basically a modern version of TOS bridge.

I would also like to see Star Trek return to TV, that's what it was made for. Weekly episodes with great stories, not the recycled technobabble crap we got with the last few series. Get a whole new set of writers. I never want to hear things like "auto destruct is off line" or "controls are fused, we can't shut it down" and please, no more "We're the only ship in range" or any of the other cop-out lines that were used over and over again.

Having to wait 4 years between movies is too long.
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