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And - just to clarify - the vaunted Polar Lights model has not just a nipple, but a little gun turret-looking thing?

It's easy to see how that little detail could be overlooked all these years. It isn't lighted and can be next to invisible in the glare of the lighted lower sensor dome. Throw that image on a CRT television screen and the little thingy is invisible.

Imagine my surprise learning that all along there were little red antenna like thingies on either side of the series production bridge dome. That and other details that have come to light, for me anyway.

And for years I decried and denied the existence of the contentious gridlines...until I could deny it no longer. However, as I understand it Matt Jefferies himself did not want the gridlines added, but his objections were overruled. Also since they became an established feature he included the lines when he worked up the Phase II refit which were then later translated to the TMP refit. Note, too, that on those versions the lines were now a physical feature as opposed to merely drawn. That fact is essentially what persuaded Round2 to believe the original drawn lines were meant to depict a physical detail on the TOS 11ft. miniature.
My biggest surprise was that the "shoulder" parts of the intercoolers and reactor loop were lighter gray than the hull color, and the entire neck was blue on both pilot versions. That was pretty much impossible to see on a TV screen.
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