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Re: The Orb - a new DS9 podcast

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Nice. Thanks for posting and letting me know not only about The Orb podcast but Trek FM in general. I will definitely be visiting and doing my best to add activity to the site. And I will make The Orb one of my regular podcast downloads

I just finished listening to the first podcast of The Orb and found that you, the hosts, were terrific in breaking down some very key point regarding why DS9 stood out. But I want to gve speicial mention to Matthew for his mention of the sets. This is something I've stressed over the years I've even started a post or two on the subject on these very boards. The DS9 set age well. When the series was coming to an end I was confident the show would not date as TNG already had started to because the sets themselves help make DS9 look timeless. That Cardassian architecture is not only beautiful to look at, it remains alien to our human eyes decades later. Obviously Matthew agrees. It was nce simply hearing someone express that opinion because I felt it was an element always missing in the posiive discussion/articles/writeups regaring DS9.
Thanks! I really do love the look of the show and think that it stands up the best of all of the series. I am very glad that you are enjoying the show!
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