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Re: Movie Caption Contest #230: This one has a title!

Kirk: (To McCoy and Sulu) Hold on a sec! I forgot to take care of something. (Into the tricoder) Lt. Bekman, This is Captain Kirk. I'm going to have to cancel this week's Massage Therapy session. I'll let you know when we can re-schedule.

McCoy: Dammit Jim, I told you to leave my nurses alone!

Sulu: Rank hath it's privileges Doctor.

Reporter: Captain Kirk, how do you respond to the class action lawsuit being brought against you and Starfleet by the families of 78 of your former security personnel?

Riker: Damn, we just got our asses handed to us didn't we?

Yeah, but as long as Data keeps his head in that hole I think we're going to be fine.
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