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Re: Warm Bodies film discussion

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I saw a post on Facebook "boycotting" what they called the "pussification of horror movies" and trying to link this to Twilight. I don't see this in any way, shape, or form presenting a threat to horror movies. It's not a horror movie, it's really not billed as one, and judging by the preview for [i]The Last Exorcism Part II," I don't think horror movies have anything to fear (pun, intended).
I'm sorry, but that's stupid. The Twilight movies aren't even meant to be "horror" movies. Just because something has monsters in it doesn't mean it's a horror movie, just like something having cops in it doesn't make it a "cop movie". There are enough of real horror movies coming out that I don't see how stuff like this is any kind of threat.
While horror movies are not in danger, there is something to the idea of destroying the viability of an entire range of monsters as antagonists in films that men might actually watch. Think about it...vampires used to be scary and used to be in films that men would go see. Now they have been largely neutered and shoved off into "chick flicks." The same is happening with witches, werewolves etc. Now all of these characters only appear in romantic films or in comedies where they are ruthlessly mocked. The fear factor is largely gone.

Zombies are unique in that they typically defy attempts to make them objects of sympathy and romance. After all, at a basic level, a "sexy" sentient zombie is essentially a just stick to vampires.

I figure that the reason that Supernatural works so well is because they use monsters that don't typically appear in these silly horror romance films and because when the traditional monster do appear...Sam and Dean just make fun of them.
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