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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Seems a pretty strong reaction to slightly different shots. Really, saying this isn't the "original" footage, wanting to contact people involved in the show and this project to ask them questions about these very slightly different shots?
You're seeing what you want to see in my post. I'm not enraged or demanding a recall. I am simply curious about the reasons behind changing the shots. Accident or intentional?

Saying it isn't the 'original' footage is totally accurate in respect to recreating the show as originally aired....which HTV trumpeted pretty loudly. I recall Doug Drexler being pretty when CBS-D used the digital Enterprise warping in shot for "The Inner Light", for whatever reason, so there must have been some cause for not using the originally aired take. I'm simply curious why.

I kind of find it amusing how much flack CBS-D got for the mistakes in Season 1. People seemed a lot more irate over a missing phaser shot, a missing light pass on the starbase, or the sound issues than they have over the far wider range of issues with Season 2. The more I see of Season 2 the happier I am that I skipped buying it.

If the automated software system that HTV used to find exact matches for original shots chose these shots over the originals, they may want to reconsider letting a human do the work. lol

Seems in line with everything that I've seen about HTV's work on this project. In other words, perfectly adequate, but far from the exceptional work of CBS Digital on the first season.
You're far more kind in your assessment than I.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate CBS-D's work an 8 and HTV's a 3 overall. There is 'some' nice work in there, but overall it's sloppy. Different interpretations of what is adequate, but for me the work would have to be around a 5 to be adequate.

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