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Re: TOS Enterprise - function of warp nacelles' caps?

the energy the m-am reactors provide equally powers the warp drive and the (normal) impulse drive
...Which makes "Corbomite Maneuver" a bit problematic, because Kirk feels that adding the output of the impulse drive will make a difference in their struggle against the tractor beam. Is he diverting joint power away from warp there? What good would that do in their predicament?

It would be odd if the ship's primary power could not be channeled into her secondary drive, when various later occasions have it being channeled into her weapons and shields, and later ships have it channeled to navigational deflectors or even communications systems. I guess the relevant question is, does impulse have its own power source in addition to enjoying "warp power" whenever the latter is available?

Timo Saloniemi
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