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Since evidently she set the phaser to overload earlier in the episode, I'd believe her.
...But in this argument, setting a phaser to overload is supposed to be a no-brainer, as the bum of "City on the Edge" did it by accident.

Perhaps it's a Prime Directive consideration - tampering will very probably result in destruction?

If a hand phaser holds enough juice to power at least one human transport
...Or just to power up the control console? The ship herself wasn't powered down: the heroes locked out certain functions and powered down certain systems. Perhaps they thought that powering down transporter controls would make it impossible to route power to the transporters?

in TOS, the setting seemed to freeze the victim in his tracks
Or perhaps the victim was phased out of this world in a nanosecond, and the afterimage created this impression.

A slower phasing out would allow the victim to do what people in transporter beams are capable of doing: moving about.

I thought the TOS dematerialize was always a conversion of matter to energy, because the victim seemed to simply disappear.
Even if most of the energy went "elsewhere", having any of it remain at the death scene would create effects: hot winds at the very least, and scorch marks in all likelihood. Conversion to something more exotic would probably be a more convenient explanation.

I think we seldom (ever?) see Starfleet personnel in their right minds using them to kill.
Not in TOS, no, AFAIK. Not in the line of duty. Personal vendettas such as Riley's probably wouldn't qualify as "in their right minds".

Kirk's victim in ST3 after the beam-down to Genesis was the first one not to get up again, wasn't he?

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