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Well, that was... interesting. Though certainly not the best first episode, it seems to off to a good start.

  • I love how they started off the episode.
  • I like how they are keeping certain names and terms from Goseiger.
  • While I groaned at first, in retrospect I do find "It's Morphin' Time" to be a nice callback.
  • The episode was rather effective at getting the character development started.
  • There were a lot of MMPR/Day of the Dumpster references here. Almost too many. You have the giant head with a deep voice and his quirky/hyper robot sidekick, nearly identical characterizations of the rangers, "It's Morphin' Time!", a few scenes/lines paraphrased straight from DotD, and even an Ernie's.
  • I know that kids are the main target for the show, but I wish they could aim a little higher with the dialogue. It sometimes sounds too much like it's written for kids.
  • Loogies?! Seriously?

Christopher wrote: View Post
I'm annoyed by the inconsistency of the worldbuilding. If all the previous Ranger teams have existed in this show's continuity, then how come these kids have never heard of them?
the show being in continuity with the previous PR seasons yet the characters never having heard of Rangers.
Could you explain how you came to this conclusion? Granted, none of them specifically acknowledged that they did know of them, but I'm fairly certain none of them reacted to the term "Power Rangers" in such a way that would indicate that they didn't. I think I would have remembered that. Though it's possible something is slipping my mind.

And having Gosei be Zordon's protege/inheritor is a nice touch, but if Zordon put Gosei there to defend the Earth in time of need, then how come he's never gotten involved in fighting off the nine previous threats to Earth that have arisen since Zordon died? (Not counting Lost Galaxy since it was in space, or SPD and RPM since they were in the future.)
Yes! I had the exact same thought.

Hmm... I guess one could make a case that, technically, none of those prior nine threats were alien invasions:
Hmm, that makes sense. Though if I had to guess I'd say the writers probably didn't have this logic in mind.
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