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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Adam's groovy instrument that he played. It sounded NOW. Real Now.
B is for Barbara Luna. Now there's an instrument that I'm sure Captain Kirk would like to play.
C is for Counsellor Troi's tits.
D is for Darmok. And Jalad. At Tanagra.
E is for Excelsior!
F is for France. Most of the Picards came from there.
G is for God. Spock gave him a face full of Klingon disruptor.
H is for Hot. Vulcan was frequently this way.
I is for Ilia. V'ger probed her to death.
J is for Jono. A human teenager in a Talarian soldier's uniform.
K is for Klingon bastards!
L is for Lal. Data's creepy looking daughter.
M is for Married. Kirk did it with Miramanee. Miles did it with Keiko. Worf did it with Jadzia.
N is for Neela. Bajoran Assassin.
O is for Oberth-class science vessel. Like the Grissom. They get the dumbest captains.
P is for Perrin, Sarek's second wife. Or third, depending on how you classify that "Vulcan princess" thing we learned in TFF.
Q is for Q. Who discovered an alternate meaning to the phrase "Stick a fork in it."
R is for Reman dilithium mines. They were huge, extended deep inside Remus and overseen by sadistic Romulan guards.
S is for Spock's balls.
T is for Tamar of Beta III. The Lawgivers wanted him to....STAND. CLEAR.
U is for unmentionable. What Deela and Captain Kirk did off-camera prior to us seeing him put his boots on while she brushed her hair.
V is for Vulcanus. Spock's homeworld.
W is for Why? The Iliaprobe didn't like it when Kirk asked that.
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