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Zero Hour is Terrible.

I've really been enjoying King of the Nerds, a Survivor/The Apprentice reality Gameshow where "Nerds" compete to sit on the "Throne of Games" and win a hundred grand... Which is being hosted by Booger and Lewis from Revenge of the Nerds, so I was thinking to myself, what's Gilbert up to?

This is what Gilbert is up to and it's awful.

The story starts in 1949 where the Polish(I think?) underground is barely hiding a Religious supernatural artefact from the NAZIs that is tied in somehow to the coming Apocalypse.

That bit wasn't so abhorrent.

Skip to modern day, and a pretty girl is buying an antique magic clock from a flea market on the board walk, just in time for a Eurotrash assassin to break into her place of work and kidnap the horologist because he can't quite find the magic clock which she left at workshop at home .

Luckily her husband "Gilbert" an internet journalist publisher who travels the world debunking the supernatural, who is annoyed that his wife has been kidnapped and swears to god above that he will travel the limits of the Earth to get his woman back form the clutches of that evil Where's Wally who is on an international treasure hunt while dragging a bound woman with him.

Yup. Gilbert is on a never-ending Quest to save his girlfriend!

This almost sounds like Indiana Jones, but the production values are so cheap and the direction is off and the whole feel is direct to video and the staggering of the story makes it almost seem like a Scoobie Doo plot.

Very unimpressive.
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