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Re: Dating Range?

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But despite everything it doesn't have that certain Scottish je ne sais quoi that makes your knees melt!
Surprisingly, my knees don't melt at a Scottish accent. English, yes, Irish, yes, Scottish? Nope.

Wait! One exception to that rule: Have I already mentioned my willingness to have sex with Ewan McGregor? If not, then I have just now.
Have you seen The Long Way Round? If not then I highly recommend it, I think it is one of the best travel shows ever made, and Ewan McGregor is ace in it. I'm not really a fan of any of his films except Shallow Grave & Big Fish, but he just comes off as a really affable guy.

Careful not to confuse it with its sequel, The Long Way Down though, which is still good, but just not as good as the first one.
I have not, but I shall add it to my movie list. Thanks, Pingfah!

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Most people I know (gay or female) would choose Sean Connery as their exception.
In this, teacake and I are of one mind. If Patrick Stewart asked me out on a date, I'd accept right on the spot. It's the voice. I swear to all the gods that ever were, that voice does something to my brain. Also, other things.
Y'all can have Sean Connery. I'll take Patrick Stewart, please. His voice (and other parts).

And Allan Rickman's voice.
Ooh! Yeah, Alan Rickman, too!

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Doesn't it depend on the exact accent as not all English accents are the same, goes for many countries around the world. And we can be attracted to accents other than our own.
It's possible. As of now, the only accent I've heard like Ewan's is Ewan himself. I'd wager there are plenty more, but I haven't heard them, yet.

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