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Re: Am I the only one who loves SGU?

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I feel like an idiot for giving up on the show when I did, and I'm also really disappointed that SGU only got two seasons. I guess a lot of people reacted to it similar to how I did and the numbers just dropped too much. Too bad.
I've been reading other boards and it looks like a lot of people didn't like the show at first but are warming up to it now when they rewatch it.
Yeah, it definitely seems that way. Too little, too late, unfortunately. It'd be neat if Syfy would fund like a two- or three-part miniseries to wrap up the story, but obviously that's not going to happen. And the show finished on a somewhat decent, if open-ended, note.
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I'm hoping when I rewatch, I'll be able to enjoy it from the beginning.
Some have said that the first season plays much better if you can watch the episodes back to back.
I definitely agree with this. When I watched the first few eps when they first aired week-by-week, it felt like such a long and boring slog, but when I rewatched them I found it all so much more entertaining and flew through the same amount of eps in just one day! I've found that the marathon approach helps with a lot of serialized shows.
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