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Super Bowl Entertainment - Halftime, National Anthem, Commercials, etc

What did everyone think of the entertainment aspects of the Super Bowl this year: Commercials, halftime, National Anthem and America, The Beautiful. I know they were commented on in the main threads, but considering how long those are, I figured it deserved it's own thread.

For me, I liked pretty much everything, even though the Commercials left a lot to be desired. A lot were just misses, with only a few highlights, like the Doritos ones, the Deon Sanders bit, and Montanaland. A lot of them just felt boring, like the Taco Bell ad.

As for the music, America The Beautiful was great, but did Jennifer Hudson lose a lot of weight? She is looking great. That's not to say she didn't look good before, but tonight it was like seeing a different Jennifer Hudson. Also, the stuff with the Sandy Hook band was really emotional. Alicia Keys was pretty good too, even though I still like the 2003 Dixie Chicks version as my favorite NA rendition.

As for Beyonce, I liked it. I wish she had sung some more, but she looked really good, danced well, and the reunion with Destiny's Child was solid. I was entertained all throughout, which is something I could say for the last 2 halftime shows. I also wished DC would have done some of the more recognizable hits, like Say My Name, but it was great to see, considering I spent my high school years listening to them.

Overall, good show this year.
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