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Re: Star Trek Begins - A New Direction

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I assumed that you had talked to both groups before you posted, but that doesn't mean you should start discussing the financial costs of using their bridge sets on a public forum. That stuff should be kept confidential, in my opinion; especially when you haven't decided yet which bridge set you are going to use. Yes, the Ajax sets are free to use, but bare in mind that people donated money to assist in the restoration of the Ajax bridge (myself included) to help keep it that way.

Well, a couple things.

I have heard from numerous sources what Farragut/STC wants a day to rent their sets. It is not private information. It is out there already and there is nothing private about that.

Also, Farragut/STC got a multimillionaire to donate the money to build those sets and rent the facility. No different than Ajax, other than Ajax got small donations from lots of people and John Hughes foot much of the bill. I think there are always people donating to get these sets and shows done. That isn't a differentiator John.

I don't begrudge Farragut/STC wanting to make back some of their money. (assuming that it does not violate CBS IP to do so). But I do applaud Ajax and Phase II, both of which just ask for actual expenses (like electricity) to use their sets.

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