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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

Jerome Booger (And yes that was an intentional typo) can go suck it.

I'm disappointed with the result, but I'm really not Angry or ready to curse up a storm. The 49ers looked lackadaisical in the first half, made a good effort in the second half, and had some questionable play calling (Like losing the two timeouts early) that cost them the game, other then the play I will get to in a minute. Good job from the Ravens to win that game and they deserve it.

Now, on to the play and what I am upset about. Yeah anyone can come and complain about the officiating and that happens again and again. My question is were the refs out to call everything against the 49ers? While yeah some of the penalties the 49ers made were obvious, there were called ignored on the Baltimore end and made me think Booger wanted to see Lewis win one for his retirement. That call at the end with all the clutching and grabbing on Crabtree was holding, and in the rule book you have to go it if it's obvious enough. If it isn't, than yeah I can understand not calling it in that situation, but HE WAS HOLDING THE JERSEY. To make matters worse, the 49ers were called on this play a few minutes earlier.

And whose decision was it to have Booger as official. Where the heck was Ed Hoculi, or Mike Carey, or any one of the actual good officials in football. Why did we have to get this annoying ***** of an official, which seems to do a lot of 49er games by the way.

Also, I like Jim Nantz, and I think he and Simms do a good job for the most part, but Phil Simms is a ****ing flipfloper and won't ever admit to being wrong. take for example Jim Harbaugh's challenge. Before the break he said "I disagree with this, as he might lose a time out". After the break when Harbaugh had won he said, "Great challenge". Yeah Phil. It was ****ing great because they won it. Why don't you actually stick to your ****ing opinion sir. If Simms ever retires, I hope they get someone who is competent to join Nantz, like Dan Fouts, who works with Ian Eagle and I like that team. By the end of the game, I was so tired of Simm's act that I almost felt like turning off the TV before the ceremony.

Anyway, so yeah I'm more angry about some of the calls and Phil Simms rather than the result. It was a good season and the 49ers have a good young team gaining experience. Now that football is over we can look forward to Baseball, Basketball, and of course Hockey.
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