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Re: 'Dark Frontier' Where the Borg went wrong?

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The Borg were NOT introduced as some villain of the week, the whole purpose of them was to be something beyond what starfleet could realistically handle. Sure they could scrape an even numbers encounter with the romulans, barely, but the borg were supposed to be LEVELS above that. They have massive, technologically advanced ships, the collective consciousness and experience of millions. They can adapt to you a hundred times as fast as you can think up new ways to combat them, The Borg were in essence an unstoppable force.
There's absolutely nothing wrong with making it clear that there were other beings more powerful than the Borg out there. Q even said so, he said the Borg were just one race out of many that were out there that the Feds would encounter.

What was silly, was them being so scared in the first place because they'd already faced more powerful beings than the Borg in TOS and TNG.

For Voyager hardcore fans, they don't want to admit the show got some things wrong, so they instead point the finger at TNG saying that the borg in TNG were "silly" and "overpowered" and "unrealistic" I myself am a fan of the show but I am resoloute, voyager watered down the borg, badly.
Nope, the Borg were never meant to be Galactic Enemy No.1. They were just supposed to be a reminder to the Feds that they shouldn't rest on their laurels.

Q wouldn't have introduced them to something they couldn't defeat based on everything else we know about him.

In the end, they were no more of a threat than " the pitiful adversaries you've encountered so far - the Romulans, the Klingons" They lost their edge, and it was illogical writing that did it.
No, Guinan (who had experience in these matters) argued against Q that the Feds would prevail, and she was ultimately shown to be the correct one.

VOY didn't go far enough, it should've made it clear that the DQ is loaded with races and Empires that have been (successfully) fighting off the Borg right from the Borg's beginnings and that they are not some kind of Supreme enemy. Just the introduction to the next tier of Civilizations the Galaxy offers.
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