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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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The Wikipedia article quotes Solow from Inside Star Trek saying that the soprano voice was dropped after the first season due to rights issues, but Solow was misremembering. In fact, the first-season theme had two versions that were both instrumental, an electric violin version arranged by Courage and a cello version arranged by Steiner. The Courage-arranged soprano version was used in seasons 2 (conducted by Courage) and 3 (conducted by Wilbur Hatch). Probably the reason for the confusion is that the electric violin in the early season-1 arrangement sounds kind of like a soprano voice.
Now that I'm hearing The Cage score in such great quality and clarity, rather than the smear-a-thon we've lived with since the mid-80's, I can detect a soprano during the credits. I never heard that voice before, which is a real eye (or ear) opener.
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