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Re: Would it really matter if the next Trek series were on linear TV?

Linear and online have their advantages and disadvantages. Linear is a lot better for discovery (people can stumble upon your show while channel surfing), but it sucks for the more tech savvy people who probably don't have cable, because they'll pirate/watch streams of it instead of getting cable (unless it's uploaded on Hulu). Plus there are all sorts of creative pressures imposed by the networks, which can harm the show.

Online offers a lot more freedom creatively and people can watch whenever/wherever as long as they have an internet connection, but it sucks at just about everything else. There's less chance of people randomly discovering it unless you pull a Hulu and air commercials during other shows, and even then tons of people won't know your show exists; if it's on a subscription only service, people will find a way to pirate it or wait for the physical release (which is inevitable for Trek), rather than pay the subscription; then there's the problems of monetizing the show outside of iTunes/physical releases and Hulu style streaming.
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