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Re: Build-Up to The Office Finale

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You haven't seen the final episode, or you don't recall all of it, because I was only telling half the truth.
You're right. I don't recall all of it. I remember Jeaneane Garafalo's character (their now-adult daughter narrating) saying they split up. Was there an epilogue where they got remarried?
Some time after the previous episode on the very day of their wedding anniversary they bump into Lyle Lovett who married them on that cruise before the pilot... It turns out that he was a regular dude in fancy dress and not a real priest at all so they had never been married. They try really hard to get married on that very day to retain the same wedding anniversary but fail, or give up with seconds to spare because they decide that how it is now is what works, and to actually get married would change things too much and ruin their perfect relationship. A lot of time later they broke up because "she stopped being kind" 10 years later they sit beside eachother in a theatre to see Mable's final project for filmschool which is all about how awesome her parents are, and then, caught up in all that nostalgia, they leave together and never part again.
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