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Re: Build-Up to The Office Finale

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And what exactly does Jim's business do, anyway?
Same thing as the businesses that employed Chandler Bing and Ward Cleaver
With their investor dropping out, I wonder if it'll more reflect Entertainment 7wenty.

The Jim and Pam things is pretty weak. It seems a way to (slowly) phase Jim and Pam out of Dunder Mifflin. I would be surprised if Pam doesn't move to Philly by the end of the season. I'm still wondering why they haven't fired her. They revealed how terrible of a salesperson she is, she left with Michael to form the Michael Scott Paper Company, and when not selling (which seems more often than not), her sole responsibility seems to be to sign for pens...

This week's episode was really annoying with not-Roy defacing Pam's mural. I think it would have fit better if it was Roy. Maybe his marriage falls apart and he's working for Dunder Mifflin again, sees Pam's mural, blames her for the sad state of his life, and defaces the mural (which is something I see him doing).
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