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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Yeah that's my biggest complaint too. The ship interiors are way out of scale to the character models. Then you get the opposite problem in that some of the starbases seem to compact in side but have huge exteriors.

My wish list for interiors:

- More class specific bridges
- Properly scaled interiors (this my #1)
- A shuttle bay to walk to instead of beaming over to shuttles
- Class appropriate engine rooms.
- And one none interior one: Add Soong-Type (or similar) Androids to the playable character races. Though (possibly and finally) getting Romulans is a step in the right direction.
Class specific bridges would be great, and they can't tell me they can't do it. The runabout interior is small, and works great! The Wells time ship bridge is small, and is pretty cool, though there's no interior to get to the rest of the ship and that sucks. So I know they can do it, they just have to do it. I've even suggested it to them, with the willingness to pay Zen to get a class specific bridge.
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