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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

What an excellent end to a highly entertaining arc. I re-watched it from last season's "Nightsisters" and altogether the 8 episodes are probably the highlight of the series so far for me, anyway. Even though there is very little Jedi in them... yes I did enjoy the silly 'magic' of Dathomir. Everything involving the Mandalorians was excellent as well. To finally see them come to screen canon in such a manner was beyond my expectations.

But to see Sidious instead of Palpatine for a change of pace was incredible! Has he been seen in The Clone Wars in any episodes prior? I can't recall, but certainly not with his lightsaber.

About the ongoing discussion of Ahsoka's fate (as well as Maul's) it makes me wonder if The Clone Wars production team have had any knowledge of the upcoming Star Wars prequel trilogy during this season, last season, even earlier? Would it be much of a stretch to see Ahsoka in episode 7 and beyond? She'd be old, sure, but maybe her race doesn't age quickly. It just seems like she's becoming more of a central character of this show and probably has lots of young fans... I can't imagine the people behind the new films haven't considered using her in some capacity. We'll likely get Boba Fett out of the Almighty Sarlacc pit as well... everyone (even Lucas) admits it was a shitty way to go out.

Maul, I firmly believe, won't last. The status quo will remain: Obi Wan will kill him, probably in a huge explosion so he won't sew himself back together with spider legs again. It wouldn't be right for Anakin to off him.

I do like where this discussion is leading with Akanin... Ahsoka could survive and it may seem to him like she's dead. But then how will this show end and stitch into ROTS? Will the story lead up to the opening of ROTS? It's not necessary.

I was loving when Sidious came in on the Super Maul Bros. because I knew he was sensing them as threats... Maul was so satisfied with himself for getting the revenge that he loves so much. I wonder... if Luke had agreed to join the dark side in ROTJ, would Sidious have had a similar show down with Vader? 'You've been replaced, etc'

The conversation between Obi Wan and Maul was excellent as well. They never traded words in TPM, did they? Obi Wan tries to appeal to him with a rational argument, 'I've been to your village, I know the dark side was a choice forced upon you, etc.'

As for the begging, although it did seem out of place I need to see it again.
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