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Re: David Foster reveals his plans for a new Star Trek series?

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and since when has trek been 'intellectually nourishing'? were ent's showerscenes 'nourishing' enough? or voyager's skintight-catsuited ladyborg? ds9's holo-loungesinging? tng's rapegasm?
TNG (the series with which I am most fond of and familiar) presented dozens of excellent and intricate moral challenges throughout it's run. Did Data fire on Kivas Fajo or not in The Most Toys? What about the attack on religion as portrayed in Who Watches the Watchers? When Dr. Marr destroys the crystilline entity in Silicon Avatar, is Picard right to try and stop her? Then there are the what-constitutes-sentience as explored in both The Measure of a Man and The Offspring. Nearly every episode comes loaded with some form of philosophical material for reflection.
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