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Re: Blood testing by robot.

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As long as it's not a robot actually taking the blood from my body, I'm OK with this.
Funny you should mention that... Just the other day I watched a news segment about robots being used for that purpose because they are much better than humans in identifying the exact spot to do just that. They can see through the skin with infra-red cameras you see, nurses can't.
You definitely don't want to be there when that robot malfunctions and jabs that needle in the wrong place and/or harder than it needed to be...
As someone who has to get frequent blood tests and bi-weekly IV infusion, and whose veins almost always represent a difficulty for nurses and phlebotomists when I visit a new place, I'm wondering why you think humans are somehow better than your completely imaginary assessment of robot accuracy and sensitivity?

They'll have pressure sensors and scanning ability that will make them far more accurate than humans can be, so I and my Swiss-Cheese looking arms and hands will welcome their introduction if it makes it faster and less stabby.

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Rampaging robot vampires that charge during the day and feast on the blood of unsuspecting hospital patients by night?
Where do I insert the stake to kill it? Do I need a digital stake? Do they still die in sunlight or just look all sparkly?
You need to stab them in the data port with a silver stake/computer interface.

Don't worry. Robocop will save us.

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