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Re: Warm Bodies film discussion

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I thought it was good.

I wouldn't really call it a horror movie. It was more of a romantic comedy. It was obviously inspired by Romeo and Juliet, with two characters from two different groups meeting up and finding out the other side isn't that bad. The bonies were cool baddies.

It was pretty funny at times and there was a nice ending.

I was drafted into taking my daughter and her friends to celebrate her 13th birthday. It was pretty clear that she was the demographic, but I enjoyed it, a lot. I found myself laughing and really engaged in what was going on.

I saw a post on Facebook "boycotting" what they called the "pussification of horror movies" and trying to link this to Twilight. I don't see this in any way, shape, or form presenting a threat to horror movies. It's not a horror movie, it's really not billed as one, and judging by the preview for [i]The Last Exorcism Part II," I don't think horror movies have anything to fear (pun, intended).

My main problem with it was, what, in my opinion was a plot hole you could drive through
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