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Re: Expecting Trailer?/Super Bowl Trailer is Live Now [SPOILERS]

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the whole Harrison/Kirk dialogue exchange of:

has me again considering the theory that some people have that Harrison was one of the "Supermen" on the Botany Bay.
Yeah, me too. I've hated the idea of a Khan rehash but, I gotta say, if this is a Khan rehash then it appears they spared no expense doing a story of Genetically Engineered Supermen capable of World Detonation on the scale it deserved.

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Yeah a Khan rehash -- but it wouldn't really be a "TWoK" rehash. TWoK never dealt with the the whole idea of Khan being a genetically engineered 'Superman' who was a world ruler. It only dealt with what happened after that Superman went mad.

Don't get me wrong -- I loved TWok, but it wasn't really a continuation of what I think was the most interesting aspect "Space Seed" -- and that was the idea that this sleeper ship was full of a race of genetically engineered superhumans. TWoK was basically a story of one of those superhumans going mad with rage, and being pratically unrecognizable shell of the Superman he once was.

I would love to see a story explore that more intersting aspect of Space Seed -- and that is idea of a genetically engineered superman loose in the Federation (I mean, one with all of his faculties, and can act on something other than just madness and revenge).
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