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Re: Camera movement and other driecting bits

The term I always use re camera movement is "motivated". Is the camera movement motivated by something or not? I've had the pleasure and pain of working with DPs (Directors of Photography) who understood this or didn't. The best ones I've worked with understood what the shot was trying to communicate and figured out if a camera move would hinder or help that. The worst ones I've worked with moved the camera because they thought it added energy or interest to a shot but then ended up with framings that totally undercut the scene. In short, his camera moves weren't motivated by the scene and its emotions.

And, re "jump cuts" above, just to clarify, standard cutting isn't jump cutting. A jump cut refers to when a character or object appears to "jump" or move in the frame on a cut because the framing and or/shot angle aren't sufficiently different to hide any mismatches. Discussed here a while back.
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