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Definitely Herbert. Maybe.
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Re: Expecting Trailer?/Super Bowl Trailer is Live Now [SPOILERS]

King Daniel wrote: View Post
It looks suspiciously like a huge chamber full of cryo-pods being detonated in London.
Looked more to me like a shuttleport - much more extensive, ground-based version of what was seen in the last movie of the Enterprise shuttle bay.

Jeyl wrote: View Post

Well if the Enterprise did more exploring and less home hugging, they would discover 120+ worlds that have the same gravity and atmosphere as Earth. I think we can survive not having an Earth.
Or was it intended to be read: "OUR WORLD WILL FALL INTO DARKNESS"?
The motto of the Corbettite Order seems to be Ite Animose... a Latin phrase that can be translated as "go courageously." Alternatively, it can be rendered as "boldly go," which bears a striking resemblance to a phrase heard during the opening credits of a certain popular television series.
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