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Definitely Herbert. Maybe.
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Re: Expecting Trailer?/Super Bowl Trailer is Live Now [SPOILERS]

King Daniel wrote: View Post
It looks suspiciously like a huge chamber full of cryo-pods being detonated in London.
Looked more to me like a shuttleport - much more extensive, ground-based version of what was seen in the last movie of the Enterprise shuttle bay.

Jeyl wrote: View Post

Well if the Enterprise did more exploring and less home hugging, they would discover 120+ worlds that have the same gravity and atmosphere as Earth. I think we can survive not having an Earth.
Or was it intended to be read: "OUR WORLD WILL FALL INTO DARKNESS"?
"There were long green couches on the first floor that smelled like failure and
skin flakes, and no one would nap on them for fear of catching salmonella."
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