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Re: Weird things we do in our sleep

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When they were still getting my thyroid meds adjusted, and I had just finished the second-last-semester of law school (so no more adrenaline), I was sleeping 18-20 hours a day. I'd get up, eat, sleep a few hours, shower, sleep a few hours, eat, sleep, see Hubby, sleep.

That lasted a few weeks, then the last semester started and my adrenaline kicked in again. By the time school was over and I was into Bar prep, I could barely think. Any surprise I didn't pass the Bar the first time?
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I would think having gotten more sleep would have given you more edge in terms of improved concentration. Did you lose any sleep when you were getting ready for the Bar?
The problem also affected mental faculties--slowing my entire metabolism, physically and mentally. I could read something out loudandliterally not be able to repeat it without looking at it. The doctor prescribed concerts, to try to speed me up. My body acclimated to it too quickly as the dosage was increased until it wasn't an option (raises BP and I was already hypertensive).

All good the following year, but the meds are for life. And dosage is going up--again.

Anyway, back on topic...

Two nights ago, I woke up TEN times stretching. Last night, not at all. Whatever.

Hubby farts in his sleep. I laughed out loud last night because it sounded so funny. Fortunately, I did not need a gas mask.
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