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Re: Ronald D. Moore make new star trek tv show

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Sadly, I see the Trek franchise slowly fading away. The novelverse can't keep going on forever, and the Nuverse will only be good for a movie every 2-3 years as long as it stays popular. Maybe five or six movies or so going by precedent of the TOS and TNG movie runs. I just don't think there's enough of an audience to sustain a new series either. Sci-fi shows are way more expensive and who would want to foot a bill for that when there are a hundred other channels competing and you can churn out a new reality show that costs next to nothing?
Sure reality shows are cheaper to producer, and have a quicker return on expenditure. But how many of those reality shows will be being played in 50 years time?

TOS is still in re-runs almost 50 years after it first aired. So it is still making money.

So it might be a case of a loss in the short term, but a profit in the long term.
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