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Re: Ronald D. Moore make new star trek tv show

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An Orci and Kurtzman showran TV series?

Please don't even joke about such a matter.

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1) God "isn't behind everything". You just learn that the Head People were telling the truth* from square one. That people looked for other reasons (chips in head...etc..) was their decision to make.
It's really embarrassingly clunky in execution. I watched the finale with 2 friends and everybody was cringing at how crass the One True God stuff was. Especially as monotheism is so fucking new. At least make ancient humans polytheistic pagans, it's so misjudged it borders on insanity.

And then we get spooky shots of modern technology with All Along The Watchtower playing. At which point everybody in the room was just laughing at how goofy it all was.

I love Caprica though. Aint bothered with Blood and Chrome as it looks like it's pandering to all those online fans posting "WHERE ARE ALL THE SPACE FIGHTS?" during Caprica's run.
I thought the point of the Japanese robots wasn't to be spooky, but rather to show that man has avoided it's predecessors mistakes. The first Cylons were soldiers...."we" make toys.

I don't understand your polythiestic comment. The ancient BSG humans were polythiestic. The newer civilization (the Cylons) were monothiestic.
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