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Re: Will We Be Expecting Another Trailer From The Super Bowl Hype ???

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Agreed, I love listening to The Batch speak.
Bana's voice seemed to alter between surfer dude and Christian Bale's Batman at random, making his character come across as extremely bipolar. Which, when combined with his lack of motivation ("A vulcan tried his best to save my wife but couldn't, so I'm gonna wait 25 years and then blow up the Earth!" WTF) made him impossible to take seriously.

Cumberbatch seems like he's gonna be a truly charismatic threat akin to Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight and Javier Bardem in Skyfall. Some real improvement is being made on the previous film and his character is the thing I'm excited about in this movie. He's like a member of the Maquis but with superpowers.

And I love your new av, BTW.
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