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Re: Is it smart to have families on the Enterprise-D?

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I am just saying on star ships like the Enterprise kids should not be allowed it is simply to risky. Fine allow kids on star ships that mainly go on routine missions to transport people around different colonies in deep federation space but not go and check up on what's going on near the Romulan border or lead the fleet into a battle with the Borg.
And you keep missing what I'm saying, which is that the creators of the show did not intend the ship to do those kinds of things. It says right there in the passages I've quoted from the original series bible that the ship was intended to be a research and diplomatic vessel, not a military vessel. That's why they conceived it as a ship that would have civilian scientists and their families aboard.

But those original creators left and were replaced by different people who changed the way they portrayed the ship and its mission -- changed it in ways that conflicted with the original intentions, by taking what had been meant to be a deep-space research platform that was as much civilian as Starfleet and instead using it as a diplomatic and military flagship closer to home with the civilian population all but forgotten. And that's the reason for the contradiction you're seeing.
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