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Re: Couples That Should Have Been

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Sato and Mayweather on ENT. When she thought Travis was dead in ENT: "Dead Stop" she eulogizes him by relating a practical joke he played on her: having her trying to communicate with a "non-human lifeform" that turned out to be strawberry Jello!

I always hoped the writers would make this a running plot thread where she would reciprocate on in some way, things would escalate, Archer would have to gently call them on the carpet ("Fun's fun, you two, but knock it off!) and eventually they'd decided they just really liked spending time together.
It's a nice idea, but I don't think Anthony Montgomery could have pulled it off.
I've seen Montgomery in other productions, and he definitely could have pulled it off--but not as the one-dimesnsional Travis Mayweather.
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