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Re: Does nu-Trek exclude Enterprise too?

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^ There is no way the Sphere Builders could rebuild the expanse to cover 1/4 of the galaxy like in the Ent-J timeline. That version of history assumed that work on the expanse began prior to ENT, and lasted continuously for 400+ years. Even if the Sphere Builders started over, as of the 24th century, it would take much longer for them to get it done.

(Assuming the Sphere Builders even survived the events of Zero Hour - which is hardly conclusive.)

Besides, now that it is widely known how to destroy the spheres, they wouldn't dare try again anyway.
You're right that it took the Sphere Builders a very long time to build up the expanse to the extent it was prior to the destruction of the sphere network. However, assuming they survived in their dimension (which I see no reason why they wouldn't have), there's no reason to think that over the time interval between the destruction of the expanse and the battle shown in "Azati Prime" that they couldn't develop a much faster method of transforming the galaxy without using spheres. Also, it's unlikely that they would attempt rebuilding the expanse in the same region of space. They'd probably choose a region of space away from Federation space in a distant part of the galaxy that wouldn't be noticed by them or the Xindi right away to begin transforming the galaxy again.

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My thinking has been that there was always an NX-01 captained by Jonathan Archer, even in the original (whatever that means in this context) timeline, but that is was named "The Dauntless".
My thoughts are similar. Though, I wouldn't consider there to be a new timeline to have been created by the name change anymore than I think a new timeline was created by Commander Sisko taking Gabriel Bell's place and I don't think Dauntless was necessarily the original name (though it could be).

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