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Re: Banshee is hard, even for HBO.

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I just mean action shows in general, The Transporter particularly is very reminiscent of something like The A-Team or Knightrider, in that it is one story a week, where a tough guy on the fringes of society helps somebody out of trouble or faces some moral dilemma, and focussed primarily on action over character drama.

Banshee is very violent and sexually explicit, that's true, but it seems to be steering in a "gang of misfits pulls off jobs each week" direction, and is about a tough guy and his backup, who has to balance his inherently moral side with kicking some ass each week. They both remind me of 80s TV.

ETA: I don't think the main character in either show is morally challenged, they both seem to have strong ideas of what they consider moral, and stick to them.
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