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Re: Ronald D. Moore make new star trek tv show

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I can think of one thing that would improve many shows,

"Network execs should for the most part let the writers/producers etc.. get on with making the show rather than interfere in the production of a show.
That's simple to arrange, since the next Star Trek series will not be produced by or for a network. Expensive niche genres can survive only on cable or a streaming service like Netflix, which is my preference for where the next series will appear.

Netflix can fund premium series like HBO and Showtime do, but it doesn't have the need to maintain the snob appeal image, so doing a series associated with free TV wouldn't be a problem for them. In fact, it would most likely be a huge boost to their subscriptions.

I wouldn't mind seeing what RDM would do with Star Trek (JMS, nah) but to keep going with the acronyms, CBS is the one you need to consider. They need to greenlight any new series, regardless of where it appears, and since Bob Orci has already called dibs, and he has the most credibility since he's involved in Star Trek's current success, he's the one CBS would listen to.
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