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Re: Idea for New Series

The bottom line is money. What will make me the most money?

Star Trek is the most profitable it has ever been. So my studio is going to produce a TV show based around Star Trek. Do I base that on the old model of Trek that ultimately failed due to a number of reasons or do I capitalize on the lucrative new universe that is raking in the cash?

At the end of the day that is who will greenlight the TV show and money is all they care about.

Either way I will be happy as any new Trek is better than no Trek for me. I love it all. It's nice to speculate but money is the bottom line and they don't see money in the "prime" timeline (which can't be restored BTW, since it hasn't been destroyed, it's still there the movie cameras just aren't filming their exploits anymore).

And I definitely think a fresh start was a HUGE selling point for people (namely, non Trek friendly people). They know "Kirk", "Spock", "Beam me up Scotty", and "KHAAAAAAAAAN" and they know the people who play those roles even if they aren't fans. They see the trailer for the new Trek movie and it screams "FRESH START". People hear the names but what they see arent the things they use to make fun of their Trekkie friends with.

I've lost count of people who got sucked into Trek through the JJ film because until that movie came out they wouldn't even give it a chance.
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